Wedding at Wolf Lakes, Sanger CA {Trent and Lindsey}

/ January 11, 2018 /

Well it’s been a crazy 2017 season!  Full of ups and downs.  I lost two very important people in my life this year which is why I have lagged on the blog side of the website.  2018 I am jumping in and going to showcase all of the beauty from the past year leading up to, Lord willing, an amazing wedding season this year!

This was the final wedding of 2017 and I’ll work my way backwards!  Lindsey and Trent were married this October at Wolf Lakes in Sanger, CA.  While I was born and raised not too far from here, I had never visited this venue so I was blown away at it’s hidden beauty.  There were many blessings apparent this day, including her mother being able to attend who was diagnosed with brain cancer this past year.  With lots of emotions at hand and with relatable situations in my home front, it made me so thankful to witness such beautiful and pure moments.


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The gold decor was stunning with greenery.  Lindsey and her mother came up with all of the ideas together.  Baby’s breath accented the centerpieces which created such a soft and lovely look.  Did you spot the groomsmen yet?  Yes they did come in by boat!



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The deserts had the guests and I drooling!! They didn’t last long so it was by pure luck I grabbed these shots before they disappeared.

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So much joy and emotion.  Loved every second.  Life is so precious and it’s such an honor to document days like this!

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