Wedding at Peacock Farms {Chris and Rosemary}

/ January 24, 2018 /

Peacock Farms has been a venue on my bucket list since I started.  I used to drive by it everyday when my husband and I lived closer.  I wanted to see for myself what was behind those large gates and it was worth the wait!  The Gardens alone are STUNNING!  Rosemary accented the gardens with her centerpieces by using baby’s breath.  It was such a great idea as it didn’t take away from the beauty already there.  Fall is always my favorite time for weddings as well during the year.  Make sure to take a look at the cake topper!  One of my favorite details.

It’s days like this day that I really have to take a moment to say thank you to the Lord for being able to witness and photograph so many incredible people.  Chris and Rosemary need a Hallmark movie written after their story!  I caught myself crying several times overwhelmed with the love not only from the two of them, but with the entire family.

Makeup was done by Bernadette Nelson and hair crafted by Ariel Lizarraga from Heritage Salon in Arroyo Grande.  They both did a flawless job!!


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By the way, aren’t these bridesmaids dresses fabulous?!!!  They are from Amazon!!  I love the richness of the deep blue and florals mixed in.  It paired so well again with the baby’s breath boquets!  Make sure at you look at the back of them too!  Love them!!

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I love that they incorporated where they first met into the wedding!!  They were set up on a blind date at a local coffee shop in the Village of Arroyo Grande.  They both new immediately that their lives would never be the same.

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So many emotions throughout the day!  Everyone left with the largest smile on their face!  Congratulations Chris and Rosemary!  We all wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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